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Intranet and Extranet Development


As a business with understanding of consumer concerns, it’s essential that you provide your clients with functionality that can only be seen in a corporate extranet. By using a corporate intranet/extranet, your company can provide your customers: transaction information, account history, inventory control, maintenance access, scheduling information, etc


Utilizing a Corporate Intranet or Extranet


The complication with this website application design procedure is that these companies must view this information in their own unique terms, utilizing specific accounting codes, billing information, routing information and corporate lingo. A professional website design company with Extranet capabilities can accomplish this for your customers rather than forcing them to translate or interpret data erroneously; this increase in accuracy leads to a great competitive advantage for your company and, in turn, your clients as well.


Understanding Your Business understands Intranet design and Extranet development cannot be taken lightly. No matter how much a client’s needs must be met, they cannot compromise the standards and practices that have been in place to establish the quality of your company. The branding process and structure already in place must be preserved to facilitate easy contact between the client and their account. The overall design of your corporate intranet/extranet must remain consistent with the existing branding material, and only a true Website Development Company can seamlessly integrate these procedures. The Intranet Design must be formulated with usability kept in consideration. The technical architecture and website application design should also leverage the latest open standards and web services, and integrating with a wide range of enterprising applications.

Your corporate Intranet design /extranet design provides the opportunity to positively impact a large number of your information systems users. Using a website design company to construct the proper foundation and revitalize your website application design, you can ensure your company will achieve the benefits of improved usability, successful collaboration, and increased productivity.

If you seek a competent and skilled website design company to turn your corporate Intranet design /Extranet design into a competitive advantage then contact for a free consultation on how our services can be right for your business. The selection of the correct website development company is a key step in advancing your website application design capabilities and earning new respect from customers both new and old


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